there are so many fun ways to use our all-natural products! our lip frostings and 2-in-1 pigments are safe and natural enough to be used for lips, face, and eyes!


lip frostings can be used as a gloss eyeshadow! Photo:@angry.orchid


lip frostings can also be used as face paints! This idea is perfect for halloween! photo: @angry.orchid

our 2-in-1 loose pigments can be used as shimmer/glitter on the lips, or on the eyes!


here, the “black panther” glitter pigment was used over the black matte lip frosting in “say it loud…”!


florida MUA samantha minor used the vibrant purple pigment in “1999” for this gorgeous eyeshadow!


nailpop, llc used our 2-in-1 loose pigment in “iced, iced baby” to create this gorgeous rose gold effect over nude gel in her nails!!