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“say it loud” lip frosting is another goodie! i love it! it goes on smooth and does not dry my lips out. i also love love looove the lip balm. it’s honestly the best i’ve had….it’s hard finding lip balm that keeps your lips soft all day. it’s truly the best!” - nicoya

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“…fell in love with this “second base” lip frosting. It wears like a gloss so you can apply to your desired coverage. here, you can see it in low light, sunlight, and finally at the end of the night after about 5 hours of dancing and drinking in a smoky club with no reapplying. i’m totally sold.” -Jess


i loooove the “burn out” matte lip frosting! it is smooth, and stays on all day! This has been my favorite color lately!! -Danita

la vida mocha matte lip frosting is the business! a little goes a long way…when i first applied it, i put on too much and it made my mouth look muddy…but then i applied less and i really like! and it lasts a long time! this lipstick is the first matte lipstick i have ever tried so i am so happy! -tyree

“i opened the cinnamon lip balm and the samell is amazing! I couldn’t wait to put it on. it is so smooth I also got “truth or dare” lip frosting….i love it!! i wore it with peach, and it looked so good!! and then i wore it with purple!! and it looked soooo good!! this stuff is great!!” -laura

love love love the lip balms!! looking forward to trying the lip frostings! -cheryl